VIP Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

Your VIP Certificate

The VIP section on DinarVets offers some pretty amazing benefits... now

and more so in the future after we see a major change in the Iraqi Dinar.

I've mentioned several times that I have several large retainers placed
on our behalf. This is what will pay for your free consultation with a Tax
attorney, estate planning attorney, CPA, and more. 

What... you thought I spent your VIP money on beer, cheese and brats,

didn't you? Posted Image

(In all seriousness: These are individuals that I have recruited personally

over the course of almost 7 years. If you've ever tried finding an attorney
or CPA that knows anything about the Dinar... you know how hard it is!

I would guess that I've interviewed close to three thousand
in order to put together the list that I have.) 

Once the RV is announced, several things will happen:

First, you will all get an email from me. I will need your current location and

the name to put on your Certificate. Your Certificate will be scanned and
emailed to you. The hard copy will be sent to you via FedEx overnight delivery.

You are going to use this Certificate for a variety of things - 

  • You will take it to your local VIP partner bank and cash in at the VIP rate.
  • You will use this to authenticate yourself when taking advantage of the Post RV investments.
  • The Certificate number will allow you access to the Post RV investment and Wealth Management site.

Remember, will remain, but the VIP members will be invited

to the Post RV VIP only Investment and Wealth Management / Protection site.
This is where you will have access to our Re-Investment opportunities, etc.

I could spend a weekend talking about all of the options we have as VIPs, and

I plan on doing exactly that after the RV. I have a "World Tour" planned, the
dates and locations will be announced after the RV.

For now, please read the following list of FAQs regarding the VIP Certificate.

Who is the Certificate good for?

Each VIP member will get an email. You will respond to that email with ONE
name and ONE address. The name goes on the Certificate, and then the
Certificate is shipped to that address.

Q. If I cash in for someone else am I liable for the taxes?

A. In a word: Yes. If you cash in for someone else, the fincen104 form won't show who's
Dinar it is - it will show that You cashed in XXXXXXXXXXX dinar. You will need to fill out all
of the appropriate forms to make sure you're not on the hook for their taxes!

Q: It was my understanding that my kids could bring their dinar at the same time
I bring my dinar and we could all cash out using my certificate. I was assuming
that we could have the money deposited in separate accounts. Is this correct?

Also, is it okay if our accountant comes along with us to cash in? Or will the banks

be checking ID to see if we are all official family?

A: Your VIP certificate is good for ONE person - you.

Who is allowed to accompany you when you cash in? That will be up to the bank, but

are the only one able to use your VIP certificate. Your kids will most likely hand you the
dinar outside the bank, then you walk in and you cash it in under your name. You deposit
it into your account. Then you distribute it back to the kids, along with the proper IRS forms
etc. You will have to make sure you are crossing t's and dotting i's, otherwise YOU will be on
the hook for any taxes!!!

Q: Is the VIP Certificate valid for my children?

A: The certificate is good for the VIP person only.

Q: I have both of my sons & my sister in on the Dinar. I'm assuming the Certificate
would be for me only? Any way to "Piggy Back" family members, or do they all need
to join VIP?

A: One name goes on the VIP Certificate. Only that person may use it.

Q: As a married couple do we each need separate VIP memberships..

A. One name per Certificate. You can give your wife/husband power of attorney over any of
your affairs once things are in place, so you will only need one name on it. If you plan on
doing separate investing, you need two certificates.

Foreign Country VIP members

Q: As I live in Australia I assume these certificates are not going
to be able to be used here.

A: Our agreements are worldwide. I have less support in Australia than in
Dallas Texas, obviously - but we do have professionals in almost every country
and partner banks in every country. See here:

Q: Is there benefits for Canadian members?

A: YES. We have more VIP members in the US, so we have more resources
in the US, but we have at least one professional in every major city in Canada.

Cashing in

Q: (will) there be a time frame to cash in with your banks ... ?

A: The time frame depends entirely on the situation at that time - if we have a limited
cash in window, VIP cannot change that.

(will the banks) place our funds into a temp account for us to have the
funds transfered into our bank accounts, accounts that many of us already
have with our own banks?

A: All banks will need to verify the dinars are real. I will send you an email with a

current list of banks that have a DeLaRue machine.

Q: I understand Ali with Dinar Traders is going to be cashing people out

A: If you want the CBI rate, cash in with Ali. If you want the VIP rate, cash in through
our VIP banks. Ali doesn't want you to use our VIP banks because then he loses money.

It's all in the Cash In Guide.

Q: (will the banks) offer a wiring of funds discount to another bank?

A: I'm not sure what you mean by "discount", but most banks do wire transfers as

normal business. We aren't reinventing anything, we are using pre-existing modes
of business.

Q: Can we use the certificate on more than one occasion? Say we use it,
at the first rate offered for 1million IQD, and then wait for a higher rate
for all the rest.

A: Yes, you can use it more than once - in fact, NEVER let it out of your sight! You
will use the SAME certificate for investments, cashing in, etc.

Q: Will we be able to find out what banks we will be able to go to before hand?

A: I can not release the names of any banks or professionals before the RV.

When I take my certificate to the" local branch" of the partner bank, how
will they know how to authenticate?

A: Your name will be associated with your Certificate number. The person / investment /
=etc you are dealing with will login, verify you own the Certificate, record the number, and
hand you your Certificate back. Do NOT let them keep your Certificate!

Q: When should I (renew my VIP)

A: Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow? LOL! Renew it whenever you think you
need to, just don't let it expire before the RV!

Q: Will we have to present this certificate frequently or on occasion or never?

A: You
will use the Certificate for all of your Post RV activities.

Q: Will you accept new members into your program after the RV?

A: No new members after the RV.

Q: How do we check to see if the name on the VIP certificate is exactly the
way we want it to read?

A: Before you click "send" on the email - read it twice. If you send me a typo, you get
a Certificate with a typo.

Q: I travel a lot ... what if the RV happens while I'm out of town?

A: The email will ask for your current location, which is where I will ship the Certificate.
(This is exactly why I don't want your home address now!) I will also give you a list of
banks in YOUR area, wherever you happen to be. if the situation is stable, of course you
can go home and take your time. If not, you may want to RUN to the closest bank!

how will we know what our special VIP rate will be?

A: I will be emailing with updated rates as they change. I expect it to be very fluid and
also very competitive - you will need to stay on top of your emails for the latest information.

I assume that your negotiations at the banks have been with specific individuals,....

A: They have, for the most part - that doesn't matter though. Whatever the rate is, whatever
they offer us, is what we will take! That's why I've negotiated with several - we can play one
off the other to make sure we all get the best deal

Q: can you give us names or the number of ....

A: Not until after the RV.

Q: Could you give us the names of the...

A: No.

(is) the "World Tour" you refer to a "Speaking Tour" that you would be making
throughout the country/world?.

A: Yes, I have several weeks of travel planned to meet VIP and OSI members, to shake hands,

high five, and also discuss business.

General Questions:

Q: Will the list of the tax attorneys, CPAs, etc ship out with the VIP
certificate with information on where to locate them?

A: You will get that information in the email that contains your Certificate scan.

Q: Does the certificate ever expire?

A: Not that I can foresee!

Q. Will we continue to pay quarterly dues to keep the certificate valid
and will they go up now that we're all rich?

A. The post RV investment site is a place to access the investments. Our advisors
are working on performance based commissions (i.e. if they suck they go hungry
and we use another one!)

There are no maintenance fees for the certificates, but normal investment fees
will apply of course.

Q. If we lose our certificate, will you send us another (of course we
would pay for shipping )?

A. I can, but please don't do that.

Q: Is it too late for my kids to join VIP?

A: VIP will remain open until further notice - as of now it is still open to new members.

Q: Why must we wait until the RV to receive our VIP Certificates?

A: A lot of reasons, mostly to protect the integrity of our Post RV investments.

1. My (our) attorneys say so.
2. Our financial planners say so.
3. Our accountants and CPA's say so.
4. There are ongoing costs to run this site. If the RV happens in 4 months, but you
stopped supporting the site in 3 months - too bad, I guess you gave up on us too soon!

OSI Questions (Off Shore Investors)

Q: On going to Belize: Do I wait for the hard copy certificate or can I
print from the e-mail and catch my flight?

A: You will receive a scan copy and I will ask if you want it sent to Belize. If you are on
the first OGIT trip, you should say yes!

Q: if you have an IBC set up but cannot travel with the OGIT group, how do
you utilize the banks you identify...

A: If you can't go to Belize, you will use a local VIP bank. Then wire (as an
employee of the company) to your IBC bank account.

Q: Will the certificate afford us any advantages with the Belize Banks....Better Rates?.....etc.........

A: I have negotiated preferable exchange terms with 3 banks in Belize so far,
working on 2 more.

Q. Do we put our offshore corporation name on the VIP certificate
or do we put our full legal name on it?

A: Your personal name.

Q: Will there be a step by step process? Almost like a flowchart...

A: Sara is currently training another staff member for exactly this purpose -
the flow charts are in the making and coming nicely.

Q: will (our professionals) be overwhelmed with calls from all of
us when it RV's?

A: No, I took a poll a few months back to find out where the majority of
the VIPs are located. I have strategically concentrated my efforts on the
densest populated areas in order to make sure each area has enough
professionals to handle the amount of VIP members in that area. I will also
be taking that poll again in a bit to make sure my numbers are still correct.

Q: Will I receive a certificate if the RV happens after XX/XX/20XX
even though I did not renew my vip membership?

A: No. You must be an active VIP member to receive the Certificate.

Q: What would be the necessary forms to use when investing abroad /
off shore accounts?

A: Use your Certificate and whatever other materials the banks / firms / etc

Q: I have no intentions on (leaving the country)when the RV occurs....
I'm confused as to what will happen to the incorporation fees.

A: your IBC is in the Seychelles, your bank is in Belize. You don't have to
visit either place to utilize those items - please ask for more info in the OSI section.

Reinvesting / Post RV Investments /
Post RV Wealth protection / Etc

Q: (Should we wait before we) hire our own tax attorneys, wealth
specialists? Will we be able to hire your attorneys?

A: If you like the people I put you in touch with, I am definitely recommending
them! They are all experienced with the Dinar and the laws and rules we need to
work with, so they will be great choices.

Q: Why can't we start working with some of your contacts pre-RV?

A: There are a lot of people you can work with now (Edward Jones, Fidelity, etc)
with your current money. The VIP investment projects I have put together are
for revalued Dinar only, for obvious reasons.

Q: I would like to know ... about a 501 3C.

A: I am not sure how many of our professionals have expertise in this area - I
know it is far too complicated and much too easy to screw up due to the massive
yearly filing requirements involved. For that reason I would never recommend
most people touch that kind of setup, and I haven't spent time researching it.

I hate to say this... but you're on your own with the 5013c. Good luck, and be careful!

Can I get my Certificate NOW?

Yep! See here:

Read more:

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